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Home made Lobster Lasso


Bad experience with Murray eel while catching lobsters encouraged me to look for a solution to this problem. Here is a way to avoid those nasty Murray eel and catch lobsters the safest way. It is a very easy and it only takes less than 30 minutes to assemble a practical wire lasso to overcome this problem.  Most of the components for building this wire lasso are available at any fishing shop and aluminum workshop.




·         100 cm aluminum rod / old coat hanger


·          2 Rubber stopper


·         65 cm nylon coated wire for the lasso


·         Aluminum clamp


·         70 cm aluminum hollow rod (15mm)


·         10 cm plastic thin tube (2mm)


·         35 cm rubber tube (10mm)




·         Pliers


·         Hammer


·         Nail


·         Candle


·         pincers


Construction step by step:


Step 1.


Make 2 sizes holes in both ends of the rubber stoppers by using 2 different size nails.  Make the hole with the small nail at the end of the aluminum rod for the running lasso and a bigger nail for the other end of the aluminum rod to stop the handle at the right place. Heat up the two nails onto a candle to make the two size holes on the rubber stoppers at both ends of the hollow rod.


Step 2.


Flatten with a hammer one end of the aluminum rod 2cm from its end a make a small hole with a nail big enough so that the coated nylon wire can go through.


Step 3.


Insert the 10 cm plastic thin tube (2mm) into the nylon coated wire and then get both ends of the coated nylon wire through the rubber stopper; the same procedure is done for the clamp. The diameter of the running lasso should be at least between 10 and 12 cm. The two ends of the nylon coated wires must go through the hole in opposite directions and the both ends enter the clamp again so that they can finally be clamped using a pincer.   


Step 4.


Insert the rubber stopper at the handle end of the hollow aluminum rod, insert the rod through the hole of the rubber stopper, and finally insert the rubber tube by oiling it so that it can easily go through the rod.


I designed the lasso so that lobsters can be catch responsibly. That is the reason why the lasso can only be close to a certain diameter to avoid catching small size lobsters. Please it is important to respect the local fishing law of the amount and size. Release lobsters with eggs because every year the same lobsters go to the same hole. So maybe the next trip you can catch the same lobster without eggs. This tool also benefits keep your lobstesr alive and fresh for your love one at home.



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