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Boavista island in the Cape Verde archipelago is known as the Island of Dunes and Beaches. The island is located in the windward group of the archipelago and with 620 km², it is the third largest island of the archipelago. The beautiful Boavista Island (Portuguese meaning “good view”) is a sea paradise located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in the coordinates 16º10'28''N / 22º55'05''W. This is the home island of the first Cape Verde President, Aristides Pereira, who chose well. It's well worth a stay and a couple of days out of the water to see the views and mingle with the gentle and warm local people. Boavista also offers excellent opportunities to observe turtles, humpback whales, birds and more- it's a ...

Some friends and I went out on a special fishing trip to dive at seamount. There are three spots and there are all equally amazing places to catch fish you would dream about. Once we arrived on the first spot, the water was murky and we found the same condition in the second and third spot. We decided to head back to the reef where we usually do shore diving. Again the seawater condition was poor and there was no chance for us of doing any worthwhile shooting. There was a lot of small queen fish, lots of sardine but no sign of large fishes. The condition worsened further in the afternoon. We decided to give it another chance later in the day hoping that the water would change when the tide has changed; unfortunately the condition of the water remained the same.   As...

  Bad experience with Murray eel while catching lobsters encouraged me to look for a solution to this problem. Here is a way to avoid those nasty Murray eel and catch lobsters the safest way. It is a very easy and it only takes less than 30 minutes to assemble a practical wire lasso to overcome this problem.  Most of the components for building this wire lasso are available at any fishing shop and aluminum workshop.   Parts:   ...

The location is only good a couple times a year. Our target fish is scribbled snapper, the local called it kampuh fish. The water, weather, swell, tide , current were perfect for our playground to be filled with scribbled snapper. We started diving around 8 in the morning. The water visibility was perfect. I felt like a kid in a candy store. The last time i was here was 2-3 years ago, it took both me and antok some time to find the location of the cave , hole, trench and rocky terrain where the kampuh are usually found. The first kampuh i saw, i shot too low and it ripped off, then i see antok not too far heading toward me with a kampuh in his spear, telling me more kampuh on the other side. In total we saw more than enough kampuh to fill the cool box. Some are hard to shoot, some...

The Island of the Gods by Marco Cerieiro   The trip to Bali was being postponed for three years, sometimes it was the lack of time and others the unavailability of  flights, well what remains is that for a few years all the plans foiled, and the trip was consequently postponed to my great disappointment. Two years ago, Patricia, my wife and companion of adventures on land, (no one convinces her to get under water), accomplished in a couple of hours what I and many others have failed to do in weeks and weeks of contact, She booked and confirmed a trip to Bali, including flights, accommodation and transfers! Once I received the good news about the trip i automatically began to form in my mind ideas about the "ri...

The World Spearfishing Championships in Vigo, Spain, ended on July 8th after a four day gathering that featured two days of socializing and meetings followed by two days of competition. The 5th was occupied by the event’s inauguration, team meetings and a dinner. The second day was consumed with captain’s meetings and other social functions. Spearos from 26 countries participated in the championships for the World Underwater Federation event. World titles were awarded to the teams and individuals that speared the heaviest and largest quantity of fish from the eligible species, including grouper, wrasse, moray eel and others.The diving itself began in earnest on the 7th from 10:00 a.m. local time to 3:00 p.m. The same schedule was held on Sunday, the fina...