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Here is some demographic information about our members:


- Did you know that the average spearfishing enthusiast (more than 70%) on makes between $50,000 - $150,000 per year, with more than 20% making greater than $150,000 per year?


- Our community is about 63% men and 37% women and the majority age of our members is between 30 – 45 years old. One of the most sought out demographics there is because of their spending power!


- What is most impressive about our community is that more than two-thirds of our members are college graduates and almost 20% have a Grad School degree!

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Bruce Farkas (22.08.2012 (19:07:56))
We here at Baja Mosquito Fleet would like to find out more about advertising with you.
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isabella (15.01.2013 (16:06:54))
I like to know more on your advertisement, price and conditions. thank you very much .isabella
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TimRowley (28.02.2013 (14:42:07))
Likewise. we at PaddlePanama offer kayak fishing vacations in Panama. Where do I find information on advertising ?
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spearfish baja (25.04.2013 (21:24:50))
Would like to find out more information about advertising with you guys.



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